When I was at the Brotherhood center in Quebec last week, where students gather to practice some of the methods of the teaching of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, I heard in one of the video lectures of Master Omraam in which Peter Deunov had said to some of his disciples: “Jesus brought the principles, I bring the methods and Mikhaël will bring the manifestation.”
at does this mean? Let’s begin with the principles that Jesus brought. With his coming came many changes from the current beliefs which were based on the Old Testament: “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” and Jesus recommended turning the other cheek; loving thyself and thy neighbor. He presented God as a Father instead of revengeful Being. So he went above and beyond the teachings of his time. That is why he was rejected by the religious powers and was crucified. Yet, he brought new principles, that of love, compassion, understanding. Moreover, he said “I am the Light” and “He that believes in me, the works that I do, shall he do also and greater works than these shall he do because I go unto my Father.” So he also brought a new wisdom, a new light: the Christ principle. Christ is not a person but a state of consciousness where love and wisdom is the foundation which is available to each one of us to develop, to nurture and to become one with.
As for the methods, Peter Deunov who was raised in an orthodox faith (his father was a priest), pursued his studies in theology in Bulgaria and in Boston where he also studied medicine. Upon his return to Bulgaria he laid the foundation of his teaching by gradually creating forms that corresponded to new ideas: that of respecting nature, being vegetarian, attending sunrise, using music and movement to harmonize body, mind and spirit. Then in 1937, at the eve of WW1, he sent his disciple Mikhaël to France to preserve his teaching and to spread it to the Western world.
Since 1938 the methods have been adapted and expanded to today’s current momentum of life throughout the world where Brotherhood centers have been created for the practice of those methods; where people are part of the world but think differently (no need to live in monasteries or convents to get closer to God); and where brothers and sisters work on their body, mind and spirit while also contributing to the upliftment of all humanity through their harmony and light work. This is my personal understanding of thestatement that Mikhaël will bring the manifestation.

Carmen for The Aquarian Team
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Issue #62 - The light and the Spirit of the 7 colors

In the last few newsletters, we expounded on the subject of light and if you happen to be in the Toronto area or Montreal, I will be giving a talk on this subject at The Point of Light in Newmarket on June 19 and in Montreal on June 21 at the Le Point du Jour au Quartier Latin. See poster lower.
So, to conclude the subject at present, let us take a prism. When the sun shines over a crystal, you see the light refracted in 7 colors as long as the crystal is equilateral and the surface is clean. How does that relate to the importance of light in our spiritual development, you might ask? Let’s say that the prism represents the number 1; the equilateral sides, the number 3; and then the 7 colors. We represent the number 1 as a person, the mind, heart and will represent the number 3 and when these 3 aspects are equally developed if we are pure with impersonal motives we reflect the 7 colors in our aura. The 7 colors are also the 7 Spirits who stand before the throne of God, as it is said in the book of the Zohar. The properties of these 7 colors are:
Red: strength, dynamism and action. It is the Spirit of Life.
Orange: health, vigor, vitality. It is the Spirit of Sanctity.
Yellow: wisdom and knowledge. It is the Spirit of Wisdom.
Green: youth and riches. It is the Spirit of Eternity and Evolution.
Blue: peace and truth. It is the Spirit of Truth. 
Indigo: about the same properties of blue but it is the Spirit of Strength and Royalty.
Violet or purple: all powerful. It is the Spirit of Omnipotence and of Spiritual Love.

We can practice to develop these colors at sunrise because the sun is the best representation of light and of God. It encompasses all colors and all qualities. Also doing this exercise at sunrise is most beneficial because that is when the prana is most abundant. In doing this exercise, not only do we fortify our aura which offers us a great protection but it also becomes a source of blessing for everything and everyone around us. Enjoy practicing this exercise during this sunrise season!                              

Carmen, for The Aquarian Team
This article is based on Light is a living Spirit and Toward a Solar Civilization by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.

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Issue #61 - The Great Invocation

Since we have dedicated couple of issues on the importance of light, it so appropriate to publish The Great Invocation which was given to Alice Bailey in 1945 for all people of goodwill on Earth.

And for those of you interested in the subject of light, I will be doing a presentation at the bookstore A Point of Light in Newmarket on June 19 from 7:00 to 8:30pm.

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Issue #60 - Happy Easter, celebration of light!

Dear readers,

How appropriate that Easter is on April 1st this year! So, to carry on last month’s theme on the importance of light in the spiritual life, let us talk about the Body of Glory. 
Initiatic science teaches that the Body of Glory is the body of the resurrection. Those who are familiar with the subtle bodies will recognize that we are composed of the physical body made of matter formed by the mother, the etheric body is nearly physical but of a very fine substance, invisible to the normal eye yet tangible enough to carry sensitivity and vitality to the physical body. Without the etheric body, a person would die. Then, we have the astral body which is the body of desires, feelings and passions, and the mental body which is linked to the intellect. 
On the higher level of our being, in our spiritual bodies or our divine nature, we have the Causal body which is linked to the world of higher reason, wisdom, the world of archetypes; the Buddhic body is the body of selfless love, absolute purity and beatitude (Christ and Buddha are the perfect examples of that love and sacrifice). And finally the Atmic body which is the body of ultimate power and creation.
The Body of Glory is a seed dormant within each one of us. It requires the right conditions to develop and fully manifest. Just like vegetation which requires light, warmth to bring about life, our Body of Glory needs to be given the necessary elements for its development.
In the following diagram, you will see how the lower bodies are linked together with the higher bodies. Sometimes the etheric body is represented within the physical but for the sake of our explanation this illustration shows them separately.

sutbtle bodies.jpg

You see how the etheric and astral bodies are linked to the Buddhic body. We can best strengthen our etheric body by breathing pure air in the early morning when the prana is most abundant, by nourishing ourselves consciously with the light and develop our astral body by practicing unselfish love, abnegation and dedication on the spiritual path. Then the atom of the Body of Glory will be like the seed in a woman’s womb which through her warmth, protection and feeding will grow and develop into the body of light, the immortal body, the Buddhic body. “That is the Resurrection:  the intense life which man gives his Body of Glory by his thinking, feeling and acting, which have been stamped with the seal of Divinity.”  
Again, have a wonderful resurrection today and every day through your inner work!

Carmen, for The Aquarian Team
This text was inspired from the pocket book entitled “Christmas and Easter in the Initiatic Tradition” by Omraam Mikhael Aïvanhov, available through

Issue #59 - The Importance of Light in the spiritual life

The physical light as the sun projects is easy to understand because it allows us to differentiate day and night. It allows us to see where we go or else we need an artificial light such a flashlight or a light bulb. As a physical resource, it now finds many scientific discoveries and applications such as solar energy.
We also know other notions of the light when we say something like “I see what you mean” or “that is a brilliant idea” or “that person is a brilliant person”. That notion infers a form of intelligence or understanding.  So, we already connect the fact that light is a form of knowledge, wisdom.  If we transpose this idea of light to the highest level in a person, it is called “illumination”. And to reach this level, one has to work with the light on many levels: physical, astral, mental and spiritual.
A good place to start with is working with the rays of the sun in the early morning because they are loaded with “prana”, a form of magnetism that sustains and builds vitality.  One can also use the rays of the sun like a prism exposing the 7 colors of the 7 Spirits to build one’s aura; although working on the qualities and virtues that these colors represent brings more lasting and durable results.  The best time of the year is from the Spring equinox to the Fall when we can go outside and draw the best benefits from the sun.  And like a clean prism that allows light to go through undistorted, for us, it means to have purity as a foundation to let the light shine through. Purity in our thoughts, feelings, actions, but also in our nutrition, the music we listen to, etc.
In the spiritual life, if we know how to concentrate on the light, it brings us a protection, vitality, strength and most importantly it awakens an awareness that light is everywhere. Not only as a physical light in the daytime but as an invisible light that sustains everything in the cosmos. In the Bulgarian language, there are 2 terms to define light: “svetlina” is the light from the sun and “videlina” is the invisible light, that of intelligence, wisdom and truth. If you practice meditation, visualizing the light is one of the best practices. It is universal; it does not belong to anyone, any group or religion. It is accessible by using the sun as a starting point until you melt into that light and become illuminated!
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Issue #58 - The Power of the Word!

It is said in the Bible, John 1:1: "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." then later in 1:3 we read: "Through Him all things were made, and without Him nothing was made that has been made. In French the Word is called the Verb.
What is interesting here is that if you consider grammar, lets say a sentence compose of a noun, an adjective, may be an adverb, but it is the verb that give it its full meaning; the action only takes place when you add a verb. It is the verb that gives motion, that creates, that vivifies, the sentence.
One way to become co-creator is by vivifying every thing we do by the power of the Word, or the verb. There is this story that I remember from Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov in one of his lectures:  the story is about a rather simple monk whose tasks was to sweep and clean the floors. While the monk attended to his tasks, he would say “Oh Lord, as I sweep this floor, may I sweep all the dirt from my being. As I wash this floor, Lord, wash my heart from all its impurities.” This monk became so wise that the local bishop and even the cardinal would seek council from him. By vivifying each and every activity, the monk became clairvoyant.
As for us, we can use the verb to vivify our daily tasks too and say: "as I wash the dirty dishes, the windows, I wash myself of all impurities".  "As I pull the weeds from the garden, may an Angel pull the weeds from my soul." And if you break something, you can also vivify that action by saying: "as this object is broken in pieces, may all negativity in myself and in the world be broken to pieces". Isn't a wonderful way to become co-creator by using the power of the Word (Verb) and do a tremendous work of "awareness of consciousness", staying fully present in the activity at hand?
This article is inspired from the Teaching of Master Omraam through his lectures and one of the many formulas and prayers in Vol 13 entitled a “New Earth”.
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Issue #57 - The first 12 days of the year!

Happy New Year dear fellow readers! We wish it to be fruitful and revealing to your highest good!
In the Initiatic tradition, it is said that the first 12 days of the year represent the entire new year, each day corresponding to each successive month, i.e. the 1st: January, the 2nd: February, the 3rd: March and so on.
If we live well during those first 12 days, it will be reflected in the entire year.  It is well worth it to know that and to make an effort to be aware, be vigilant and also be thankful.
It is recommended that every night before going to bed we write the main events and states of being of the day so that later on, as the months come and go, we reread the corresponding day.
Moreover, this exercise is like developing a new habit that imprints on our consciousness, on our thinking, feeling and acting so that our whole behavior, like a groove in new soil with fresh seeds, creates new living conditions.
Recently, on a Facebook page I read the following:
"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their life by altering their attitudes." William James, American physician, philosopher and psychologist (1842-1910).
If you are particularly keen on discovering who you are from within, as we are so much more than just a body and a brain, we recommend reading Know Thyself: Jnana Yoga by Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov available through Amazon
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Issue #56 - The strength of spirit!

When we talk about someone being strong, we may first think of their physical strength and that is because we are living at an epoch when we are terribly materialized so our understanding pertains to an external perception. Of course, depending on the subject of conversation, we may associate someone's strength to their moral values because they are determined, courageous, etc.

What makes someone strong inwardly comparing to others. Is it just a matter of character, of will power? Is someone born with such strength? In his book entitled Life Force, Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov explains the difference between temperament and character. Temperament is defined as the inherited part of our makeup such as the subconscious forces which we cannot so easily change because they are the result not only of our genetics but also our past lives.

The character, on the other hand, is the conscious part of us, what we work on through our intelligence, our will, our efforts to improve ourselves and give a direction to our energies either through developing a skill, a talent, attaining a better position or best, to reach our highest potential. Then the question is what element shall we work with when it comes to developing inner strength? What is the conscious part of us, the part that makes decisions, that propels us forward? It is certainly not the brain itself, for the brain is an organ, like the heart or the stomach although far more complex. That element is the spirit within us. That subtle yet invincible part of us, that imponderable yet perceptible through our consciousness. It is the "I" part of us that thinks, feels and moves forward. Without that spirit within, we are only flesh and bones. It is the reason why Initiates invite us to give more importance to the spirit, the spirit within, not an external force but a force that resides within.

In our first book, in the chapter entitled "Evolution and Involution", we mention the work of matter and spirit: matter seeks to transform itself, that is evolution whereas spirit seeks to descend into matter, that is involution. Spirit needs matter to work on, it needs our conscious awareness of its presence. "Spirit works to harmonize, embellish, illuminate, vivify and resuscitate everything." It is the very nature of spirit to push and thrust forward to manifest itself so it up to us to give it our best attention. There are many methods and exercises given by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov in his collection of books to help us develop ourselves into the divine beings that we are meant to be!

Carmen, for The Aquarian Team

Issue #55 - Work, Faith, Time

It is the Daily Meditation of today that inspires me to write about work, faith and time on this 1st of November.
Materialists know that in order to be successful they have to put a lot of efforts into their work to eventually obtain the results they wish for. Yes, and for some reasons, spiritualists expect immediate result when they begin to put efforts into their development. Is it because it is intangible that they expect fast results? On earth, we have to deal with time, it is part of the rhythm of the manifested world but on the subtle realms, time does not have the same value: time is stretched to infinity. So, the work and the efforts one puts into a material realization may take a finite amount of time and when that person goes, the activity stops. Whereas, into spiritual activities, whatever amount of work one puts into action, it is never lost to time, it will remain with the person's soul forever. That is why great spiritual teachers recommend their disciples to work, work without quitting, have faith that no effort is ever lost and give time, let time carry their efforts into higher realizations that will not perish with human time.
Most human beings think of work as an effort to sustain and improve their life yet there is another level to work as understood by the Initiates. That is a work based on the freedom they have acquired through their mastery. They do not wish to work for themselves but for the whole of humanity. Their work is of a noble and sublime nature. They have the ultimate faith that every efforts count for the improvement of all beings and know that with time every soul will wish to reintegrate their celestial kingdom.

Master Peter Deunov had given his disciples these 3 words: "Rabota, Rabota, Rabota, Vrémé, Vrémé, Vrémé, Vera, vera, vera" wish means: Work, Work, Work, Faith, Faith, Faith and Time, Time, Time and told them to meditate on these 3 words for they contained a whole philosophy.

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Issue # 54 - Happy belated Thanksgiving to our Canadian readers!

With a bit of a delay, the Aquarian Team would like to wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving! October is a month for expressing gratitude and giving thanks for all the blessings we get: for being alive, for family and friends, for living in a prosperous country and most importantly for recognizing that thanksgiving opens up the door to abundance, joy, expansion of consciousness!

Only recently Louise Hay, a well known author, lecturer and founder of Hay House Publishing past away at a ripe age of 90. The foundation of her life was thankfulness and positive thinking. She acknowledge that a negative attitude poisons one's body and one's dreams. She would have turned 91 on Oct. 8 and to celebrate her life's success, Hay House is offering to view her movie on line here:  "You can heal your life"

I came across this sentence recently that was loaded with promises: "In reality, thankfulness has the power to transform raw matter into light, into joy and we should learn to use it." It was by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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