Initiatic Science follow up

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The 4 great sciences of the Initiates:

1) Alchemy which is known in conventional science as chemistry
2) Astrology which is known as astronomy
3) Kabbalah known as mathematics
4) Magic as magic

Let us see now what Initiatic Sciences has to offer:

The world of PRINCIPLES: this world is comprised of:
The world of Unity which contains:
Duality:  male/female;  positive/negative; electricity/magnetism
Trinity: Intellect/light/wisdom

Give me one example of something in the universe that reflects perfectly well these 3 elements of the trinity: Yes, the sun!  We are all, in essence, sons and daughters of the sun for we hold the same 3 elements: an intellect, a heart and a willpower each one of these with their psychic and spiritual correspondances:  of light/wisdom, warmth/love and life/truth! 

In the past, this trinity was developed as a triangle pointing up representing the desire to reach up to God, developing in isolation like the hermits, monk and nuns. Often negating the body and its needs, or even despising the earth.
In the Aquarian Age, this trinity must be inverted i.e. the triangle pointing down which represents bringing Heaven on Earth by putting all the aspects of ourselves in perfect balance and harmony and become living/walking models. 

The world of LAWS: 

Law of Karma, which is the law of action/reaction. It is the law of agriculture: you sow potatoes, you reep potatoes. That law rules all of Mother Nature. It is the law of divine justice.
Law of Reincarnation:  what you bind yourself to on Earth must be unbound on earth.
Law of Magic:  There are 3 expressions of that law: law of recording; law of affinity and law of echo (backlash)

The world of METHODS:
Here are some of the methods proposed by Masters Peter Deunov and Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov for a modern practice of spirituality :
Nutrition:  transformation of raw substance into energy
Sunrise:  transformation of oneself through establishing a link with our Higher Self
Modern prayers:  a language of the heart
Collective activities:  singing, laser meditation on the light to uplift ourselves and humanity
Paneurythmy:  a sacred dance to balance our feminine/masculine energies and in harmony with Nature and the entire cosmos
Morning gymnastics: a series of exercises with formulas to touch our physical, mental and spiritual bodies (see these exercices on youtube:

The Teaching of OMA are essentially an oral teaching based on 78 years of conferences which have been compiled mainly into 2 collections of books: theComplete Worksand the Izvor collection, (the pocket book edition). There are some 80 titles, published in more than 32 languages. All the work done for the publishing of the books and for the organizing of the congresses throughout the world is done by the disciples themselves. There are no PR or marketing agencies.

In the next issue, we will review some of these methods and exercices. Stay tune again!

Love and light on behalf of the whole team

Co-ordinator of The Aquarian Team.

You can also see many excerpts of Master Omraam's lectures on YouTube: